SHARE - A Soulard based non profit

Our purpose – to promote, preserve, perpetuate and encourage the music, culture and heritage of Soulard and other communities in the Greater St Louis area through festivals;  programs; and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities.

Soulard Heritage Arts Heritage Arts Revitalization and Education Inc., (SHARE)

The SHARE Vision

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SHARE Inc. promotes, preserves, perpetuates and encourages the music, culture and heritage of Soulard and other like-minded communities in the Greater St. Louis area through festivals, programs and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities.

SHARE Inc. will annually produce one free festival (Soulard B3 Festival) and one Fall Booster event (The B3 Blowout). In addition, SHARE Inc. will seek opportunities to promote Soulard’s music, arts, and heritage throughout the year and during the Mardi Gras season.

The Original Concept:
Get one hundred people to donate 100 dollars or 100 hours of help will get us started.

The Method:
Establish an auxiliary or support group that will provide support by advocating for SHARE in the community, providing base support to SHARE activities, and to give ideas and feedback on how to grow SHARE.

The Goal:
A self-governed group which elects its own officers, chooses its own members, and decides its own activities – with the goal of furthering the SHARE’s vision of keeping the music, the arts and the heritage in Soulard strong.

The Vision:
The Hammond Hundred – loosely named after the famous Hammond B3 organ – helps get more music into the Mardi Gras calendar, hosts an annual fundraiser for SHARE in the fall, selects key areas to support SHARE (art fairs, buskers, history and heritage displays).

• Three Acts with local focus
• Microbrew area (3-4 Brewers)
• Vendor Focus on Neighborhood Businesses
• VIP Experience
• Additional Programs
• Soulard Heritage Project – Static Displays
• Children’s Program – Try-an-Instrument, Kazoo Orchestra, Root Beer Brewing Demonstration, Monitored Playground
• Arts – Songwriting Contest, Art Vendors, Annual Poster Competition
• Buskers and/or off-site acoustic music

• Appreciation Party for Hammond Hundred
• Fundraiser for SHARE
• Announcement of New Boards
• Neighborhood Free Event
• Mardi Gras participation announcements
• Forum for Neighbor Concerns

FY21 – Q2: Develop SHARE Corporate Documents/Partner with key Neighborhood Organizations/Begin SHARE Business Plan/Start Initial Sponsorship Search

FY21 – Q3: Register SHARE Inc. with Secretary of State and IRS/Sponsor 1-2 concerts at Soulard Market/Launch Hammond Hundred Booster Group/Develop Outreach Plan/Continue Sponsor Search/Finalize Business Plan/Open Bank Account

FY21 – Q4: Select Initial Board to be seated in January/SHARE & Hammond Hundred Launch Party/Announce 2022 Goals, Budgets and Initiatives/Begin Planning for 2022 Concert and Festival Schedule

FY22 – Q1: Seat Board and Elect Officers/Establish Advisory Council/ Interview and Hire Primary Staff as Identified/Planning for Concerts and Festival continues – Launch Marketing Plan/ Mardi Gras Involvement

FY22 – Q2: Projected First Advisory Council Meeting /Inaugural Soulard B3 Festival/Start of Soulard Concert Season/Projected First Advisory Council Meeting

FY22 – Q3: Sponsor or assist with Soulard Concert Series/Board sets FY23 Goals and Growth for FY23 Festival and Series

FY22 – Q4: Board elects next slate of Board members/2nd Annual Hammond Hundred’s Booster Party

• Festival runs from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM only – attracts visitors and then lets them lose for nighttime activities
• Focus of SHARE to attract OUTSIDE SOULARD money – outside sponsors and outside visitors
• Waived or reduced vendor stall fees at food/vendor malls
• Beer Bracelet program to share beer sales with local bars
• Limited Alcohol Sales away from stages
• Possibility of Stage Placement near or away from storefronts
• Vote the Band – Top Band will play stage, SHARE will pay ½ of cost for other two bands to play in local bar
• Increased demand from Air B’n’B for weekend
• Promotes and markets entire neighborhood for after B3 festival
• SHARE to donate gain over projections to pool of SBA, SRG and participating NPCs (Legion, Soulard School, SBAC)

• Festival Sponsors could also fund Summer Concert Series and other Neighbood Cultural Events
• SHARE dedicated to neighborhood beautification before and after Festival – “leave Soulard better than we find it”
• Hammond Hundred Organ Donor Program will be ”neighborhood-based”
• Possible special viewing areas
• Invitation to neighbor-only jam session
• Golf cart parking near stages
• Work with neighbors on Port-A-John placement
• SHARE will offer free orange fencing for house and yard protection
• Increased Security Presence during weekend

• Organizational/Administration: By-Laws, Business Plan, Insurance, Initial Board Selection, Tech Requirements
• Financial and Development: Fundraising, Sponsors, Grants
• Education: Heritage Program, Special Programs, Children, Events, Tie Ins
• Marketing: Ads, Promotions, Media Partners, Analysis
• Operations: Stage and Sound, Equipment & Rentals, Security
• Outreach: Liaison with Sister Organizations, greater Neighborhood, Hammond Hundred
• Programming: Music, Beerfest, Events, Special Events
• Services: Vendors, VIP Experience, Artist Relations
• Volunteers: Boosters, Build Database, Training, Appreciation


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