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Soulard Blues Notes

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Welcome back. With the New Year, there has been a lot of progress being made on both SHARE and the Soulard B3 Fest.  We will be putting out a monthly newsletter that will highlight this progress and keep you in the know. Along with sending you this newsletter, we encourage you to visit the website when you get a chance.

For those who are already “in”, you can visit the SHARE website to make payments online or you can write a check to SHARE Inc. and leave it with Janet or Chris.  

Most importantly – the next official meeting of the Hammond Hundred will be Wednesday, March 9th at 7:00 PM at the American Legion Hall at Sidney and South 11th Street.  We will be laying out the whole plan for the B3 Fest, talk about what help we will need the day of the festival, and update you on the progress of the Board of Directors and other corporate matters.  

Just to make sure we are remembering to have fun, we will have a small social afterwards for our pioneers of the Hammond Hundred.  We will be sending out more information to those who have signed up.  If you have additional candidates who might be interested in joining the Hammond Hundred, have them email us through


We have selected Sunday, May 8th —  Mother’s Day — as the date of the First Soulard Blues, Brews and Bites Festival.  Right now we are looking at three great Blues bands, participation from several local breweries, workshops, music and heritage displays, and children’s activities.  Look on the website for more information as we get things dialed in.

As we are on the hunt for more vendors to participate, we are looking for food and merchandise vendors that represent Soulard and the local dining, arts and heritage scene.  Have your merchant friends and artists reach out to if they are interested.


Thanks to the efforts and talents of Dave Beardsley, the official website for both SHARE and the B3 Fest is up and running.  There is a lot of information that has been posted to include a lot of the official documents that will govern SHARE.  We are also trying to keep fresh information up on the site and are looking for any content that will highlight Soulard and the arts in St Louis.  Check these two sites out at the following internet addresses and be sure to share them with your friends:


Soulard B3 Fest:


We have nearly completed our nominations for the slate of directors to serve on the first Board of Directors. The first Board Meeting is scheduled for the evening of March 29, 2020. While we still have some invitations that are outstanding, the following people have agreed to serve:

        Dave Beardsley
        Lonnie Folks
        Bernie Hayes
        Janet Neuhaus
        Jason Paul
        Christopher Schwarz
        Gary Toribio

We are still looking for a candidate who is also a business owner in Soulard.  If you have any suggestions, please reach out to Chris by email at or by phone at 314.398.4779.

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